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I lost my PMP diploma. Did I also lose my certification?

Dear project managers,

I can't find the nice and shiny PMP diploma that I received 2 years ago from PMI. Either my little daughter used it for scratch paper or my wife threw it in the garbage. I officially lost it forever.

So far nobody in my company knows, but I'm wondering, does losing the PMP diploma imply that I also lost my PMP certification? (e.g. I'm no longer a PMP)

If I'm still considered to be a PMP, is there a way to get a replacement diploma since some companies insist on seeing it if PMP is an eligibility criteria for the job.
asked 7 years ago by anonymous

2 Answers

Two good options for fast recovery (as in now/today!):

1. Search for yourself in the online registry.  That will get you your PMP #.  Registry is at http://www.pmi.org/certification/credential-registry.aspx. You can provide this to anyone who wants to verify your PMP status.

2. Use password recovery to get back on to pmi.org.  Click on myPMI to see your Dashboard.  On the right hand side you should see a button labelled "My Certification Info" - click on it. On the left hand navigation, click on "My PMP" - you will see a link there to print your certificate.
answered 5 years ago by RayF123 (490 points)
No, you haven't lost it. You are still PMP certified. The PMP diploma is just for you to show off, but when someone wants to check if you're a PMP or not, then s/he'll check the PMP registry.

You can email PMI about a replacement diploma - I'm sure they'll send one to you. I'm not sure though whether this'll be free of charge or not.

Again, losing the PMP diploma does NOT mean that you have lost your PMP certification, you are still a PMP.
answered 7 years ago by FastProjectManager (10,100 points)

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