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Lists of project management frameworks/methods available in the market.

What are the other project management frameworks/methods available in the market in the market? As fa as I know there are 3:
1) PMBOK by PMI 2) PRINCE2 by OGC 3) RegPM by AIPM. Are there any others?

In wikipedia there are few that I didn't recognized such as  :
2.3 PRiSM (Projects integrating Sustainable Methods)
2.4 Critical chain project management
2.5 Event chain methodology
2.6 Process-based management
2.7 Agile project management
2.8 Lean project management
2.9 Extreme project management
Are all the above is widely recognized?
asked 9 years ago by hairul (1,320 points)

1 Answer

Yes, most of these are recognized, however in specialty areas such as manufacturing (critical chain, lean) or software (Agile).  There are also available software packages which offer complete methodologies (either supporting one on your list or introducing improvements of its own) such as Siebel eRoadmap or Rational.
answered 9 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)

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