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Is stakeholder Identification and stakeholder expectation management important processes for small software projects?

In my point of view stakeholder identification and stakeholder expectation management are both less important or sometimes irrelevant for small software project e.g. <200k.

Normally for any small project the number of stakeholder is very small and it is easy to identify and manage the stakeholders. Unless it's a very large project, there is no need to develop a stakeholders' list and matrix to cater for this process. Maybe project experts here can give their opinion?
asked 9 years ago by hairul (1,320 points) edited 9 years ago by MaplePM

1 Answer

I definitely believe in scaling the bureacracy and overhead to the size of the project, however there are some elements of stakeholder management that are essential to all.  

For example, do you need a contact list or will you enter all the contacts into your SmartPhone?  This might be useful if you are managing 20 or more clients and client projects.  Does your employer need you to keep a list, perhaps in a CRM system to track activity? If your software product is on a subscription basis, maintaining good contact at multiple levels in the organization may be important.  Your small project may affect the renewal.  

There is definitely merit to scaling back, but I would suggest you look more closely at the details before discarding all elements.
answered 9 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)

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