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Does this count for the PMP 7,500 hours experience...?

I worked for a major landscape construction company installing interlocking paving stones for approximately 10 years.  I started off as a sales person, but after a few years, I became "Operations Manager".

Basically, during our busy season, I was responsible for bringing my own work and running a crew 4-10 personnel.  My "project" lifecycle looked something like this:
1. meeting with potential clients and providing a quotation, design, and putting a signed agreement/contract together
2. schedule the job and determine the personnel and materials needed to complete the job
3. on start date, I would lead the crew to excavate the project area, and complete the project.  This includes ordering the materials and colours needed, delegate labourers and supervisor to complete different mini tasks, and installations, ensure soil is disposed, gravel is trucked in, pavers, steps and walls are installed as agreed, and the job completed to the clients needs.
4. Ensure we get paid, pay the employees every Friday, and give myself a profit-share and the remainder to the owner along with the contracts and receipts.
5. In the off-season, I would be paid right through to do things help grow the company such as: improve the website, improve our marketing, company letterhead, contracts, online presence and anything else that would help the business grow.  I worked under minimal supervision and  I did this every winter, in preparation for the busy season.  I also researched the best types of parts for our trucks and skidsteer (bobcat) machine, in order to see what we should install and purchase when we needed to in the busy season.

I have a technical IT background, which is why I took care of alot of things in the company from web design, to logo's, company forms, setting up a computer network and than "running a crew" in the busy season.

Our projects last anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks, depending on the clients job and number of personnel I am given to work with.

I wanted to know if I can use this experience in selling the project, planning, preparing, executing it, and getting paid as experience hours towards the PMP certification.

Thank you for your comments, and I appreciate your help.
asked 9 years ago by anonymous edited 9 years ago by me
I am in a very similar boat. I run a landscape construction business and am trying to confirm if the hours count. I have talked with the PMI and the rep was not too sure about it. If you could update this post with any new info I would greatly appreciate it!

8 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Here's what I think - Others on this website such as MaplePM and sdcapmp may have a different opinion:

1- Meeting with clients falls under communication management, stakeholder management, and requirements management. All are project management activities. This one is OK.

2- Planning/Scheduling is obvious - this belongs to project management.

3- This is the executing part - apparently you are also doing the following project management activities here:
- resource management
- procurement management

You are also monitoring and controlling the work.

4- This can pass as resource management (because if resources aren't paid, then they can go on strike and the project will stop).

5- I think this part is not eligible as PM work - this is merely a process.

I don't know how many hours you spent on the first 4 activities, and that's why I can't tell you for sure if you are eligible for the PMP or not.
answered 9 years ago by FastProjectManager (10,100 points)

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