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Documenting PMP Experience

I am working on putting together my PMP certification package, and there are two "engagements" I am not quite sure I can use to demonstrate I have the experience required:

1) I worked in pre-sales and one of my assignments was to lead a team to respond to an RFP. I used a schedule, managed resources, but the budget was not managed by me, and since this was a pre-sales task, there was no revenue generation, and

2) I was assigned to develop training material and then trained hundreds of new hires in a couple of modules in the areas of Project Management, Presentation Skills, and methodologies, but it was the same course taught over and over to groups of 20 students each time for over 2 years.

Can I use this experience?

My local manager in the US for assignment #2 retired and I lost contact with him. Who else can I request to certify this experience? Another instructor? Former students?

How old can this experience be to be recognized by the PMI?

Thanks for your suggestions and input!!
asked 9 years ago by anonymous edited 9 years ago by FastProjectManager

1 Answer

I suggest that a good starting point is to first download the certification handbook and read all the rules.  It can be found at http://www.pmi.org/en/Certification/~/media/PDF/Certifications/pdc_pmphandbook.ashx.

From what you have described, these seem like they can be counted.  You will need to document essentially three years of PM experience (if you have the pre-requisite degree) over the last eight consecutive years.  If you do not meet the degree requirement, it is five years over the same period.  Note that you do need to demonstrate all five process groups as well, although they do not all have to be on one project.

As far as documenting the experience, I suggest the same strategy I would recommend for a resume or CV.  List the name of the individual and the contact information for the company. If that individual can't be reached, the HR department would normally be the next stop.
answered 9 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)

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