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identify supplementary management processes in a project

asked 10 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

As for software development project normally I added several specific process for our one:

Planning Process Group
Produce Conceptual Design - The process of defining preliminary design approach for the planned product and names its principal elements and their functions.

Devise Development Strategy - The process of deciding how to subdivide a product into parts that can be separately developed and deciding how to put these parts together to produce the finished product, and deciding how to test the completed product.

Define Development Process - The process of defining how the team will do the work in the most efficient and effective way.

Create Process Plan – The process of developing any additional process elements that will be needed during the currently planned project cycle.

Create Support Plan - The process of identifying the needed tools and facilities.

Estimate Size - The process of approximating the size of the products and parts to be produced for the project.
answered 10 years ago by hairul (1,320 points)

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