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Which are the best universities providing MS in project mgmt ( I was considering GWU, NUS, or Maryland). I have 3 years of exp in proj mgmt and want to pursue a course in MSPM. Any suggestions for the best colleges

Please if possible provide the links to the college site
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

The Project Management Institute Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC) is the
world’s leading independent specialized accrediting body for project management degree programs. The mission of GAC
is to ensure the quality of academic degree programs in project management and to assist faculties and universities in the
improvement of degree programs.  

There is an interactive map of GAC accredited universities and programs at http://gacpm.org/Directory-of-GAC-Programs.html.  The University of Maryland and The University of Maryland University College are among the participants in the Washington DC area.  The former is associated with Engineering specializations and the latter is associated with IT specializations.  In one stop you can get to the links and contact information for all participating universities and colleges.
answered 9 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)

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