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I'm an entrepreneur for what I considered a project/operations manager for my own incorporated business for 8 years, should I take the PMP?

I'm an entrepreneur with no schooling no training and no understanding of the PM language. I worked for individual companies as a contributor to the project management teams before taking on my own business endeavor. I only did basic research online to plan, execute and close my projects and I was also the acting operations manager as well. After setting up my business by completing my projects and tasks, I then marketed my project management services to other businesses and successfully did the same for them as my clients as well. The problem im facing is; I'm a little intimidated as I went to the PMP orientation at one of the "REPs" and was sitting with 10-15 people that all went to college or university and obtained some sort of degree and had a much better grasp of the lingo and the actual processes involved. I was quiet at first but then after listening closer and getting past the intimidating language to the situations being outlined, I realized I could relate but only through my hands on experience, I was completely lost when it came to the actual relation of the "titles/language" and the things I did as a project manager until the instructor explained what they meant. At those points I became comfortable enough to discuss problems, solutions and overall results. Now I know I qualify with my hours & months, but my question is... After I do this training with the "REPs" should I take the PMP or am I even the type of individual that should?  

PS..As a self taught project manager over the last 10 years, I usually either missed steps in the process, went through them as quickly as possible or just skipped them as I didn't understand the depth nor the importance of the actual processes.  

Please Advise, Thanks!
asked 10 years ago by anonymous edited 10 years ago by MaplePM

1 Answer

The thing is many people miss the whole point behind project management, which is getting the project done, regardless of the process followed. PMI doesn't teaches one way of doing project management, and obviously you have your own way, which seems to be working for you.

So, if your own way to manage projects is working (and I'm sure it is - considering that you have now a project management consultancy company), then it means you're doing good project management, regardless of the process.

Now as to whether you should consider the PMP or not, I think that you should, because it will give you more credibility and more weight in the market, and many companies will no longer be hesitant dealing with you for PM consultancy.
answered 10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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