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If Im an entrepreneur that managed development projects & campaigns for clients, will that count for my PMP qualifications?

I am an entrepreneur that had my own office and employed 40-50 people at a time over the last 8 years. I lead a team of professionals that took on a number of campaigns and projects that included; development of process and procedures guidelines, back office operation & business infrastructure revamps, the development and implementation of staffing projects (including the interview process, the hiring & the training process) the creation & development of call quality monitoring guidelines, the development of marketing plans, the development of websites, the development of client presentations, the development of call center & direct marketing scripts & The complete revision of a 200 page members handbook, I also lead the actual building of a training facility and a call center. Each had a start and finish date, a set of objectives, a budget and was planned, researched, executed monitored and controlled. (although at that time I did not follow any strict guidelines except what I naturally knew had to be done, as I didn't even know what controlled meant) I have no formal schooling except 1 year in college for accounting but picked up basic project management skills through my various experience working for other companies as a basic employee on project management teams before I opened my business over 8 years ago. Again, does my entrepreneurial experience count as project management hours that can go against my hours for the PMP qualifications?
asked 10 years ago by anonymous edited 10 years ago by me

1 Answer

If you were managing and leading project tasks, this absolutely counts. You will need to be sure you meet the other requirements (e.g. number of hours, 35 hours of training), but it seems like this time would definitely count.
answered 10 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)

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