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Styles of project management

What are the different styles of project management? Are the PM styles the same as the management styles (micro management, macro manager, etc...)? What is the best PM style that the project managers should adopt (I know that the answer to this question is subjective but your feedback is appreciated anyway)?
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Yes, I believe there are different PM styles, just as there are different leadership styles.  Those differing styles are shaped by many things, including: the individual experiences of the PM; observations they have made of other PMs in action; and the reward system of the business culture.  Just as with leadership styles however, there is no one best style.  The most effective PM's are situationally and emotionally aware and adapt their style to be most appropriate for the situation.  Some situations require a command and control approach, others require a more collaborative style.
answered 9 years ago by dsmcalis (1,570 points)

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