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On a Fixed Price project your Solution Architect has identified a major gap in the solution that is being delivered - what would you do?


Can anyone help with the above question, please.....Implementing a Software system, i.e. Oracle, SAP, etc...

I've got the following ideas to start with...

1.  Notify the Programme Manager or eqivalent head, that there is an issue and inform them that you are investigating the situation.

2.  Assess how the big/major the gap is and what is the impact on the project as it stands

3. Identify whether the gap will require a change in business process,  custom solution, additional personalization or a third party application

4.  Identify if the required solution can be covered by the current budget and contingency cost and resources.

5.  Investigate if part of the current proposed solution can be descoped to accommodate the solution for the 'gap' and implemented at a later stage.

6.  Look at all the options available and discuss with the Solutions Architect which would be a the best solution to move forward with.

7.  Take all the facts, figures and proposed solutions to the Programme Manager and / or Project Board to discuss and agree on the best possible options to take forward to the Client to discuss and agree.

8.  Obtain approval from Client to move forward with the agreed solution.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most helpful.
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Actually the above list is quite comprehensive, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Few things:

- Try to talk to the team members directly and see if they have a different story to tell. It might be that the solution architect is skewing the facts a bit.

- I am assuming that your Project Sponsor is your Program Manager - if different you will need to inform your project sponsor as well of the situation

- Make sure to get a detailed report from the solution architect and the create a digestible, easy-to-read report out of that report and send it to your project sponsor (that's before assessing the impact on the cost, schedule, and scope)

- Offer alternative solutions to address the problem, and each solution should be accompanied with a complete study on its impact on the scope, cost, and schedule. The project sponsor and/or other stakeholders will be able to choose as solution.
answered 10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)
Thank you very much for your help and letting me know that I was on the right track.
10 years ago by anonymous

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