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I have failed the pmp exam 4 times!

I don't know what to do know.  Each time the exam is more familiar, but I can't seem to pass this darn exam!!
asked 9 years ago by anonymous edited 9 years ago by MaplePM

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This is probably a good time to reflect and:

- consider if you have sufficient relevant experience
- review issues from exam report and find out where your strengths and weaknesses are
- consider how you will address these strengths and weaknesses
- if you haven't taken an exam prep class, you might want to plan for one
- consider if the issues are in knowledge or test taking skills

If you contact me by email (leave a comment) I can arrange to have you send exam report and I can review with you if it will help.  Here's to a better 2012!
answered 9 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)
Thank you so much. I will do as you say. I know its test taking skills and I have little relevant experience, so thank GOD I didn't have to pay each time.

However, I am a project manager and I have a couple of classes to complete my MASTERS in project management which makes this SO embarrassing.

Again, thank you so much for your reply.
9 years ago by anonymous
Happy New Year!  You shouldn't be embarrassed.  Every good certification includes measurement of knowledge AND experience.  And in addition to experience, there is the element that there are certain things which must conform to the thinking of the test provider.  So while your particular company or circumstances may welcome change at any time, PMI stresses change management and the idea of "no gold plating" (client gets exactly what was requested, nothing more or less).  If you would like me to look over your report and make additional recommendations, please send to me at my screen name here (sdcapmp) with @aol.com to make my email address.
9 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)
Is sharing PMP test results a violation of PMI's code of conduct?
asked 9 years ago by anonymous edited 9 years ago by FastProjectManager
Don't get discouraged, at all!

If it doesn't work then keep trying. As long as you're not blacklisted by PMI (and you will never be if you don't cheat) then you can still take the exam, and you will eventually pass. Trust me.

The important thing is to think the same way that the PMBOK (or PMI, if you want) tells you to think when you answer questions on your PMP exam (and not to think the way you manage your projects). Even if it doesn't make sense or even if you know it's wrong, you have to think THEIR way to pass THEIR test.

Good luck and hopefully you'll pass the PMP on your fifth try!
answered 9 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)
This answer is published on behalf of the person who asked the question: "It is a little disheartening, especially because each time I score moderately proficient in different areas.  I will listen to you on "think the same way that the PMBOK tells you to" because, I find that I second guess myself while testing because many of the answers don't make sense.  Thank you so much for the encouragement and I think I will keep trying.  After all, it's just money, right? :-) "
9 years ago by FastProjectManager (10,100 points)

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