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Project management is boring!

I'm not a project manager myself but I find that the job of a project manager is very boring. Here's what he has to do all day:

- Create reports that nobody will ever read
- Talk to people who don't want to talk to him at all
- Send emails to people who won't read them
- Try to enforce his authority on those lower than him in the food chain

And what makes his job even more boring is that he doesn't actually produce anything at all, it's the team who does that, and he takes all the credit for the work done, and yet he knows that he didn't actually do anything. And what makes his job extremely boring is that he doesn't do anything new, it's the same work over and over again!

What do project managers think about what I said above?
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

First of all let clarify some misconceptions:

- The reports that a project manager creates are read, and they are read attentively. Many times the stakeholders call the project manager about the report he sent them. If the reports that the project manager creates are not read, it means that the project manager is not sending the right reports to the right people (for example, sending detailed reports to high level stakeholders).

- You might be right, often the project manager talks to people that don't want to talk to him, but that doesn't mean that he's boring.

- This point (sending emails to people who won't read them) is very similar to the first point.

- A project manager who "enforces" his authority is not a good project manager, and most likely his projects aren't that good either.

- The project manager produces all the project management documents, and he's responsible for the success of the project. You might think that the project will be fine without the PM, but try to live for a week without the PM, and see if you'll still be able to work on your project. The project manager directs the project and the team members.

Now let me conclude by saying that the job of the project manager is definitely not boring, in fact, the job of the project manager is one of the most exciting and fun jobs anyone can ever have. The project manager deals with different and new people almost every day. And, if the project manager travels, he will learn about different civilizations/mentalities/cultures that he wouldn't have known about otherwise.

Do you still think that the job of a project manager is boring?
answered 9 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)
PM is a lot of things, but exciting and fun?  Not in my experience, although I suppose ones mans excitement is another mans boredom. But on the whole once the initial project setup is done, which is probably the closest I can get to 'exciting and fun', the rest is just constant monitoring of people/activities/risks/issues and repetitive admin.

I've met tons of people who love project management and good luck to them, but before you jump ship into this profession think long and hard before you do, as once you've made the move it's difficult to go back.
9 years ago by anonymous

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