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What do you do if one of your team members misses his commitments?

I have one team member that consistently falls behind on his tasks. I have tried everything: bribing, threatening, giving him easier tasks, but the person just can't get the things done in a timely manner, and we're at a point where he's affecting the whole project.

I have no authority firing the person, and I'm quite lost at the moment. I need some professional advice from an experienced project/program manager.
asked 11 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Find out why and address the root cause. Remedies will depend on the root cause and might include training, coaching/mentoring, or an HR remedy such as flex-time. I would need the authority to remove the team member from the team if the root cause proves to be a belief that this person's best interests are served by the failure of the project. The choice of remedies will be influenced by the team member's role on the team and whether that member is a permanent employee or a contractor. Contractors who have misrepresented their skills or experience can and should be dismissed. Permanent employees should be given an opportunity to address skill or experience deficiencies, though not necessarily on this project.
answered 11 years ago by anonymous

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