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Your application is in testing for the last 2 weeks and you are supposed to deliver the application at the EOD. Your testing team has found a major flaw in your application in the afternoon. You cannot miss the deadline and your developers cannot fix the bug in couple of hours. How do you handle this situation?

asked 12 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

I will have a team meeting and understand the implication of the recent development on the whole application. I will try to assess if it is possible to deliver the application and release a hotfix later in a couple of weeks after proper testing.
About the deadline, if the deadline is EOD and its a major flaw then I do not see a question of not missing it..it will be missed anyways..
Having assessed the situation, I will inform the project stakeholders on the situation and gain their buy in of a phased delivery if that is feasible. Also, parallely, I will try to do a root cause analysis of how such a bug did not come into notice in the first place
answered 12 years ago by dimple (2,920 points)

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