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What are the activities that happen during the project termination?

What are the activities that happen when the project is terminated? Additionally, which ones of those activities are the responsibility of the project manager, and which ones are not?

Typically, how long does the project termination process take?
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

2 Answers

Just a quick explanation on the word "termination". Termination does not necessarily mean that the project is killed, but it can also mean project completion.

In any case, the activities that happen during project termination are:

- Scope verification
- Contract & administrative closeout
- Gathering the lessons learned
- Celebrating (with the project team)
answered 10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)
When a project is terminated, it is like project closure:  the team needs to be evaluated and released, invoices need to be paid, lessons learned conducted, etc. The project plan should specify who has the roles and responsibilities of termination, but since we don't normally plan for failure, the project manager needs to plan the tasks.  Planning would identify the roles and responsibilieis.
answered 10 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)

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