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You are joining as project manager for a team, which already exists. How do you gain respect and loyalty of your team members?

asked 12 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

- Spend some time observing what's going on and looking at how people are working before rushing in and assuming that everything needs to be changed.
- Share your expectations on how your project team will work together It will help create an enhanced sense of security in the project team as they will better understand how to deliver on those expectations, which may differ from those of the previous project leader.
- Tread very carefully in the early stages and respect the boundaries which have already been formed. This is the most important thing you can do to get things off to a good start.
- Tell the team what you plan for recognition, team successes, and team evaluation. Congratulate them on their work so far.
- Make sure you manage scope tightly, and try to defer all changes until after the original project is completed.
answered 12 years ago by dimple (2,920 points)

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