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As you begin your assignment as a project manager, you quickly realize that the corporate sponsor for the project no longer supports the project. What will you do?

asked 12 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

- Find out if there is a genuine lack or support or just a perception of it by talking to your project sponsor.
- Demonstrate leadership and a willingness to ask hard questions; act like a partner, not a subordinate.
- Find out the reason for the same such as if there has been a change in agreement that you may not be aware of.
- Discuss with him/her and decide if the project is to be continued , shelved or needs to be scoped differently (which may mean closing the current project and starting a new one with a limited scope)
Remember that there is no point in continuing a project if the end deliverable is not accepted by anybody. Hence, it is better to clarify and take a decision by confronting the project sponsor.
answered 12 years ago by dimple (2,920 points)

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