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BCM role and responsibilities

What does a BCM (Business Change Manager) do? What is his role and what are his responsibilities? Is this role a project management role or is it an organizational role? If it's a PM role, then how come none of the projects I have worked had at least one? Is this role in any way related to the CCB (the Change Control Board that approves/rejects changes)? Final question: is the BCM an executive role?
asked 11 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

In program management, the main role of the Business Change Manager (BCM) is to ensure that stakeholders interests are satisfied by the program.

His main responsibilities include:

- Selecting, with the program manager, the projects that will benefit the business the most
- Creating the success factors for the program. Ensuring that these success factors can be measured
- Measuring improvements created by the program so far
- Preparing the business for the transition. Ensuring that business is not affected when the change (note that any project/program brings in change) takes place


- The Business Change Manager is usually a program management role.
- You can have more than one BCM in large projects.
- BCM also stands for Business Continuity Manager.

To answer your last question on whether the BCM is an executive role, the answer is yes, it is.
answered 11 years ago by anonymous

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