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Stakeholder expectations matrix

How can I build a stakeholder expectations matrix? Which columns/rows should it include? Who should I consult with to build this matrix? In which document should it be included? When and how should it be used in the project?

Can you also give me an example of stakeholder expectations matrix?
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

The stakeholder expectations matrix is a matrix that lists stakeholders' expectations of one another (and of the project manager).

This matrix should be included in the stakeholder management plan, and you should consult with each and every stakeholder to build it. It is used to manage the project more smoothly by knowing what each stakeholder expects from other stakeholders. I have never used it myself, but it is really good to have one on your project.

Here are the guidelines for creating the stakeholder expectations matrix:

- Open up an Excel sheet
- Add the names of all the stakeholders in the top header (skip the first column)
- Add the names of all the stakeholders in the left column (skip the first row which is the header)
- Now in the cell that intersects between the row of stakeholder A (that is in the left column) and the column of Stakeholder C (that is in the header), lists all the expectations that Stakeholder A has of Stakeholder C. For example, Stakeholder A expects Stakeholder C to deliver a lessons learned report of a similar project that was undertaken a long time ago (yes, you've guessed it, Stakeholder C is most likely a PMO director).

Note: Stakeholder A (or B, or C, etc...) should be replaced with the real name of the stakeholder along with his role (for example, "John Doe, Project Sponsor").
answered 10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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