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How will you handle key project team members having personal conflicts but not directly reporting to you?

I was asked this question once and am not sure if I really know what is the right thing to do to resolve a situation like this -
"One team member is supposed to review a technical specifications document created by another team member.As a project manager, you are aware that this is a problem since the two are not on good terms. The creator of the document does not appreciate the comments made by the other. Both these resources are key resources to your project and have different functional reporting managers. What will you do to resolve this situation which can endanger your project?"
asked 11 years ago by dimple (2,920 points)

1 Answer

I think you have two options:

- Option 1: Review the technical specifications together with the other team member, even if you're not very technical, you'd be able to discover if one of them is after the other. If the team member reviewing the document says "This specification is trash" or "I can't believe how he added this", or "I can't believe how he missed this", etc... Just gently ask for a justification of his reasoning. I think by being a project manager and with no prejudice towards any of the team members you are sure to have a better and more objective perspective.

- Option 2: Try to make peace between the two. Talk to them each one on the side (do not talk to them together at the same time), and tell them that you're aware of the small conflict and you need them to be extremely objective and fair when writing or reviewing the technical specifications.

I'd go myself with option #1...
answered 11 years ago by TheManager (6,220 points)

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