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Is earned value management being used?

I read a lot about earned value management and I studied all the EVM terms from the PMP. I have never used it, nor did any of my Project Manager friends. Is earned value management really being used? And if yes, then how, and where?

If it's not used anymore then why are we forced to study EVM when we are preparing for the PMP exam? Shouldn't PMI remove the concept altogether from the PMBOK?
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

If you look at research by Professors Brian Hobbs/Claude Besner, http://www.pmi.org/Knowledge-Center/~/media/PDF/Surveys/Besner%20and%20Hobbs%20Practices%20Survey%20Report%20Phase%202.ashx it confirms that relatively few practitioners use EVM.

But just because it is NOT used by many, doesn't mean it SHOULDN'T be used.

As life-long practitioner and CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR, I cannot imagine doing project management and NOT using EVM.  Done correctly, not only does it enhance my cash flow, but it also provides real time project status information PLUS it provides a handy tool to help establish the cost and time impact of change orders, helping to price out CLAIMS. http://www.pmforum.org/library/papers/2007/PDFs/Giammalvo-5-07.pdf

Or another good paper, written by one of my students- http://www.pmforum.org/library/papers/2010/PDFs/sep/FP-MALON.pdf

Bottom line on all this- studying for the PMP exam does not give you the full or complete picture of APPLIED Earned Value Management- All it does is give you an over-view.  To really learn how to use EVM to the fullest, you need to get Gary Humphrey's "Project Management Using Earned Value" https://humphreys-assoc.com/product_view.php?product_id=3  which is what PMI's PMBOK Guide SHOULD be.

In closing, the best caution I can provide is a quote by Alexander Pope, circa 1709 that "a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing".

Dr. PDG, Jakarta, Indonesia
answered 10 years ago by anonymous

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