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Am I eligible for the PMP?

I have 2.8 years of Project Management Experience after my 4-year degree and 2.5 years during my degree. I have been a Project manager in a start up for 1.5 years too. Now I am doing my Masters and not working anywhere. I have taken 45 hrs IT project management course,  and 35 PDUs from a registered PMI center. I have done many Course Projects during my Masters too. Now, I'm a Student Senate, at the University. My question is, can I combine my work experience before graduation and after? How do I show that I have enough number of hours to give PMP. Also I have done a project on a case study during my IT project Management course.
I'm a state level Player too during my graduation. But i guess it doesn't help in any way.
asked 10 years ago by anonymous edited 10 years ago by MaplePM

2 Answers

You will need to break down your 5.3 years of project management down into hours. If you were working only 10 hours a week during that time, you would not have accrued a sufficient number of hours.  If you have taken a 35 hour course (or 35 hours from multiple project management courses) from a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) you have met the 35 contact hours criteria.  I have an online course called Controlling Project Costs and Risks which can earn you 27 hours if not all of those training hours were PM related.  http://blog.theprojectnotebook.com/2011/07/controlling-project-costs-and-risks-fall-2011/.

I suggest you download the application and start filling in the necessary items to see if you qualify.
answered 10 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)
The PMP Eligibility criteria are clear:

- You need 4,500 of diversified project management experience (but you don't need to be a project manager)
- You need to a have a university degree (or else you will need to accrue 7,500 hours of PM experience)
- You need 35 contact hours

There is no way you could have accrued 35 PDUs (I guess you mean contact hours), you can only accrue PDUs after you become a PMP, and not before.

It seems to me that you are eligible for the PMP, you don't have to have current work experience to apply, and your past experience in PM will be counted towards your eligibility, provided you have worked on real projects.
answered 10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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