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Which one would you crash in order to gain 5 weeks?

The SPI  on your project is currently at 0.95 resulting in a 3 week delay. You assume that this trend will continue and you estimate that you are going to have to make up 5 week in order to stay on track and reach your target delivery date. As such,  you decide to crash your project. Below are the tasks that you consider crashing. Which one  would you crash in order to gain 5 weeks?

Task    Original
Duration    Crashed Duration    Time Savings    On Critical Path    Original Cost    Cost after Crashing
A    13    10    5    No    12,000    15,000
B    8    7    1    Yes    16,000    19,000
C    16    12    4    Yes    22,000    29,000
D    12    9    3    No    17,000    19,000
E    4    3    1    Yes    22,000    26,000
F    16    13    3    Yes    23,000    26,000
G    14    14    2    No    21,000    22,000
H    8    7    1    Yes    19,000    22,000
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

In reality, I would look deeper at what the task is specifically set to accomplish and what the associated risks of crashing are.  If this is all I have to go on, A saves the three weeks and "appears" to be lower risk due to costs (lowest total cost per week before and after crashing).  What's more, its not on the critical path where I might not want to add more risk.
answered 9 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)

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