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How to get a job in project management?

I'm not really a project manager but I want to become one someday, so now I want to get a job (any job) in project management. How can I do this? What is the best way to enter the project management world when you're not a PM?
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

First you have to learn about project management, and there are many ways to do this:

- Attend a PM course
- Read project management books
- Read articles on dedicated PM websites
- Ask questions to project managers about PM topics that you don't fully understand
- Try to manage a small project where you are the project manager, you are the team member, and your are the project sponsor. The project could be anything from a very small website to a house renovation. Create all the necessary documents (the project charter, the project plan), update the project schedule as the work progresses, and finally accept and close the project.

Now that you've done some or all of the above, you need to enter the world of project management, and the best place to do this is at work. While at work, ask the project manager in your company to delegate to you simple (and routine) project management tasks, that will make his life easier and will help you learn more about PM in real life. Slowly but surely, the PM at your company will like the idea even more, and will delegate more tasks to you, and sooner or later, you will become a project management assistant. The PMA (read more about this role here: http://www.projectmanagementquestions.com/875/what-are-the-responsibilities-the-project-manager-assistant ) is like a secretary to the project manager, which is not bad, but of course, you need to be more.

Your next step is to become the project scheduler (more on this role here: http://www.projectmanagementquestions.com/2004/role-and-responsibilities-of-the-project-scheduler ). The project manager will have no problem delegating scheduling to you if you have proven yourself.

You can then be a project coordinator, and then move to an assistant project manager position (more on this role: http://www.projectmanagementquestions.com/1949/what-is-the-job-description-of-the-assistant-program-manager ).

Then you can become a junior project manager, and finally you can become a real project manager.

If you find yourself stuck at any point in time (you are no longer promoted), then you should find a project management job that suits your current level in PM and that guarantees your growth in the project management world.
answered 9 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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