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What is the minimum age of a PMP holder to be selected as a project manager?

Normally what I believe is we need more years of experience to become a project manager even though we have PMP certification. Companies normally do not recognize the PMP holder if he is has 3 or 4 years experience only. Where can we get more opportunities for PMP because I'm a PMP holder having 3 and half years experience.
asked 10 years ago by anonymous edited 10 years ago by MaplePM

1 Answer

In my opinion, you shouldn't be a PMP if you're not a project manager, unfortunately, people are eligible for PMP even when they just have "project management experience" (whatever that means according to PMI).

Anyway, I don't know which companies you're talking about, most companies nowadays recognize the PMP certification as a sign of professional experience in project management (which is wrong anyway). I think you should highlight your previous experience in project management more in your CV, and who knows, you might really find the job of your dreams and hold a true project manager position.

And to answer your question about the minimum age, I don't think there should be one, if you have the experience, you have the experience. According to this answer http://www.projectmanagementquestions.com/359/what-is-the-minimum-age-to-become-a-project-manager , someone can be a real project manager by the age of 24.
answered 10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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