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What are the needs of project team members?

Sometimes, even me, someone with a decade of experience in managing projects, can't understand the needs of project team members. I know for sure that they need to be challenged, appreciated, well-treated, but quite often, even when I ensure that all these needs are met, some of them still have motivational issues.

Any thoughts of other needs that are "needed" by project team members to perform well?
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Team members, like any other human beings, need to be:

- Respected: Respect is very important, you should respect them so that they will respect you.

- Appreciated: Team members need to feel appreciated, they want to be thanked for a job when it's well done. They need to feel that what they're doing is contributing to the well being of the company.

- Challenged: They say if you want to fire someone (but you can't), just give him nothing but stupid tasks, and he will eventually leave. I believe this is true. You should give team members challenging tasks from time to time, tasks that they will enjoy working on because they will feel that they will learn something along the way.

- Guided: Sometimes team members are lost, either they don't understand the task they're given or they are facing a difficulty. Don't leave them stuck, help them, guide them, tell them what to do, and sometimes, tell them how to do it. If they make a mistake tell them that they made a mistake, and explain to them why it was a mistake, while at the same time, thanking them for trying.
answered 10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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