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Can a developer manage the project he's working on?

We're a small company and we only have one project manager (me) and can't afford to hire another one. We have several projects running and I can't manage them all. Is it possible to have one of the developers manage the project he's working on. The developer will not develop the plan, I will do it, but he will just oversee the plan, manage the resources, and make sure that the tasks are on schedule.

Is this achievable without causing a serious setback to his productivity?
asked 12 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

This is a very bad idea. Project managers shouldn't work as developers and developers shouldn't work as project managers. These roles MUST be completely separate.

A project manager who's doing development tasks will not be good at these tasks and will not be good at his primary role of a project manager. A project manager just doesn't have enough time to do actual development work ON a project, and if he has enough time on his hands, this means that he's not doing his job properly.

Companies shouldn't get cheap when it comes to complete role separation.
answered 12 years ago by anonymous

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