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Scope verification example

Could someone give me an example on scope verification so that I fully understand the idea. Also, please answer the following:

- At what stage of the project does scope verification takes place?
- Is scope verification a continuous process (meaning does it take place throughout the project)?
- Who's responsible for doing the scope verification?
- What's the result of scope verification?
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Scope verification is the first activity in the project closure phase, and it happens only once (so no, it's not a continuous process).

The project manager is responsible for this step, and it involves him, the production manager (or the team leader), and the client (or someone on the client's behalf).

Scope verification is a process so one can't really give an example here. Here's what happens during this step:

- Functional audit: During the functional audit, test scenarios (using test data) take place. Any problem that is noticed during the functional audit is reported and is fixed.

- Physical configuration audit: During the physical configuration audit, we check that all the deliverables that are supposed to be included in the project according to the project charter are actually there.

- Ensuring client satisfaction: In order for us to make sure that the project is actually finished, we need to have a meeting with the client to ensure that everything that he wanted is delivered, and to ensure that he's satisfied with our work (very important to make the client a repeat client).

Additionally, during the scope verification, we need to make sure that we have delivered the product documentation to the client, and this documentation is comprehensive and fully understandable.
answered 10 years ago by anonymous

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