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Give me an example of a team charter

Please provide me with an example of a team charter. An example as well as a template would be even better.

Also, can you please explain to me, in simple terms, what a team charter is and if it's needed on every project?

One last question, is the team charter an independent document, or is it part of larger document (such as the project charter)?
asked 11 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

I found an excellent team charter example here: http://www.teamhelper.com/sample/TC_GuideSample.pdf

In short, the team charter has the following sections:

- Purpose: Why is the team charter developed?

- Strengths and Weaknesses:
    - What are the project-relevant strengths of the team? For example, the developers are PHP gurus, while the designers are very experienced in Photoshop as well as HTML. Another example of a strength is that the team has been known to be very coherent, and has already worked on another project, that was successful.
    - What are the project-relevant weaknesses of the team? For example, the project has its interface in AJAX and none of the team members know AJAX, so they need to be trained.

- Roles and responsibilities: Which includes a listing of all the team member, as well as their expected roles and responsibilities on the project. This section can also include the description of roles.

- Team communication: How will team members communicate amongst themselves (emails, tools, etc...), how will they communicate with the project manager? Will there be one team member (team leader) who will communicate with the project manager. How often will the team members meet?

- Team expectations: For example, they have to be always on time, they have to attend all the meetings (as requested), they have to follow a code of conduct, they have to respect each other, they have to ask for help when they need it.

The sample above contains more details, but the above is fairly comprehensive of any team charter.

The team charter can be developed by the team itself, but, in most cases, the team charter is developed by the project manager and is distributed to team members.

Note: Other information on the team charter can be found here: http://highperformanceteams.org/hpt_chtr.htm , but note that this information is not highly relevant to teams within a project.
answered 11 years ago by FastProjectManager (10,100 points)

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