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What should I major in college to become a project manager?

I aim to become a project manager, and I would love to know what kind of formal education should I have in order to fulfill my dream.

I constantly read that project management is about experience, but it doesn't seem that I'll be able to get the chance (especially in the current economy) to gain my initial project management skills by experience, so education is my only option.
asked 11 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

If there is a college in your area that offers a proj mgmt degree, I'd look seriously at that, particularly if the school is known for education around the topic of innovation.

Next I'd set in on a proj mgmt class or two at a school you're considering.  You do indeed need experience, and if you don't have it, you want a class that is NOT lecture, but instead exercises, and lots of sharing of experiences from the students, with instructor guidance.  Some schools even have you do a project during your education, which makes the learning real.

I instruct at a university and thoroughly love it.  But I also co-instruct at other colleges and love it too. In a university, you tend to get more similarly minded classmates because they are taking it with more of a purpose, not just to round out their resume or satisfy tehir curiousity. In community colleges you have a wide mix of ethnicities, which can led to rich discussons.

Make sure that at least one required book is the PMBOK; it's the industry standard; a terrible book to find "how to" gems in, but an excellent book of tools and techniques and solid perspectives in the key knowledge areas you must have.

You might also go online with www.pmi.org and look at the requirements to get the CAPM certification.  That is increasingly recognized as a "legitimate project contributor" cadidate, so you might be able to get your nose under the tent of some opportunities with that.
answered 11 years ago by anonymous

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