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Project management buzzwords?

Does anyone have a complete list of all the buzzwords in the domain of project management? It would be interesting as a reference, especially for those new to project management such as myself.
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

2 Answers

Here are some very common buzzwords in project management:

-ASAP: As Soon As Possible (I need this task done ASAP)

-AFAIK: As Far As I Know

-Analysis paralysis: Means that a task is over analyzed to the point where all what we're doing is analysis and not real work (the task is paralyzed)

-At the End of the Day: If you take everything into consideration, for example: "At the end of the day, we are still doing well".

-Behind Schedule: The project is falling short of the schedule.

-Bird's eye view: This is usually said while reporting to management, who will need a snippet of information about the project to know how it's progressing, and not just the full information. This is called bird's eye view.

-Blue Sky Thinking: Thinking clearly.

-Counter-productive: A task or an activity that is not productive to the project.

-Gold plating: This means giving the customer more than what he asked for, usually gold plating is done by team members by adding unspecced features out of good faith (they want the customer to be happy).

-Give 110%: Means to give your best to the project, this is something that the project manager usually say to his team members.

-Jump the shark: The point at which the project has gone to a horrible state.

-Kill Point: The point at which the project is killed by management.

-Lessons learned: What we have learned from the issues we faced on the project. Lessons learned are usually documented and used for similar future projects.

-Low hanging fruit: Something beneficial that can easily be done.

-Mission critical: An very important task/project

-No Brainer: Easy or evident.

-Navigating through office politics: Means to be able to manage the project while taking into consideration office politics and (hopefully) steering clear from them.

-On Budget: The project is burning money according to the planned budget.

-Over Budget: The project is burning money faster than it should.

-On Time: See on schedule

-OTOBOS: On time, on budget, on scope.

-On Schedule: The project is proceeding according to the schedule.

-On Scope: The project is proceeding as scoped, we are not cutting quality here and there, and we are not removing features.

-Paradigm Shift: Replacing once concept with a completely different one.

-Reduced workload: The work effort on the project has been reduced (possibly team members are working less or less team member are working on the project).

-Scope Creep: Requirements that were missed during the requirements gathering stage now creep on you.

-Think outside the box: It means to come up with creative solutions to the problem.

-Under Budget: The project is burning money slower than it should (this is a good thing, which means that the project is costing less)

-Walk the Talk: Do what you're saying you are going to do.

-Way Behind Schedule: The project is progressing very slowly, and is way behind the originally planned schedule.

-Way Over Budget: The project is burning money much faster than it should.

-Win win situation: Which means that whatever we are going to do is going to be of benefit across the board.

-Zero Sum Game: Means that if we do this task that will have a positive effect on the project, we will affect another task which will have a negative effect (of similar weight) on the project.
answered 10 years ago by TheManager (6,220 points)
just google it, but not recomended to start your new role in this way, PM is an art and common sense, rather than finding buzzwords, better to go for PM basic concepts like 3 coner stones, scope mgt, risk mgt, best practises for scheduling, PM frameworks and methodologies etc.
answered 10 years ago by abeetha (360 points)

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