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What are the activities done in the monitoring and controlling stage?

I work in the software industry (web development) and I am not clear on what activities should be done in the monitoring and controlling stage. Is it only testing the functionality of the system (quality assurance), or does it include more stuff.
asked 11 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Quality assurance is an essential part of monitoring and controlling, so testing is certainly one activity.  There should be unit testing by the developer (an opportunity to self-check their code) and integration, stress, and load testing as appropriate by the QA team.

But monitoring and controlling needs to look at all project risks and make decisions about how to address them.  Project status meetings are a monitoring and controlling activity which can help keep a project on track.  For example, one risk is that a task is severely underestimated.  On a fixed price project, this can be a costly mistake which needs to be discovered during project execution and corrected as soon as possible. This might be through a re-negotiated project scope or application of additional resources.
answered 11 years ago by RayF123 (490 points)

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