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What should I do in the day before my PMP exam?

What do you project managers suggest I do the day just before my PMP examination? Should I make a quick revision of all the PMP curriculum (and if so, are there some websites that offer a quick review for the PMP)?

When I used to be at school, my uncle used to always tell me that the best thing to do is to relax the day before the exam. Should I just do that?
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

I say relax before the exam. That extra day of study won't improve anything, but it may adversely affect your performance on the day of the exam.

There are some theories that if you study just before the exam, you may go into the exam and forget all about what you've studied (so you won't be able to remember the answer of ANY question). I think there's a scientific term to describe this situation.

Anyway, just relax, have fun, and don't think that exam too seriously, if you pass you pass. If you fail, well, you can take the PMP 2 other times within a year. If you still fail, then there are plenty of project managers without any certification.

Just take it easy, and if you study well, then all should go well!
answered 10 years ago by TheManager (6,220 points)

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