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What are the typical risk in software projects?

When managing software projects, what are the most common risks that project managers should account for?

A simple, bullet list would be very helpful...
asked 11 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Typical risks in software projects include:

- Scheduling risks: Missing/wrong requirements, underestimating the length of activities, overestimating some team members will result in a project behind schedule.

- Cost risks: Usually a corollary of the above.

- Team risks: Team members getting sick, quitting, maternal/parental leave, etc..

- Technology risks: The technology you're using to build your software is now obsolete. For example, you're using a programming language that is no longer in use (just because your team members know it). This is a risk because you will definitely run into compatibility issues and other limitations.

Software projects risks also include Intellectual Property Risks (IP) risks, Market Risks (competition), and Operational risks.
answered 11 years ago by humblepm (17,390 points)

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