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What is the easiest software to manage construction projects?

I was just wondering what is the easiest software (in your opinion) for construction project management. Most of the systems I've used so far are complicatd and have a steep learning curve.
asked 12 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Although not strictly a "construction" project management software, lots of construction companies use MS projects a tool to produce their project plans and monitor the task progress. While comparing MS project to the list construction project management software in the market, MS project excels in its simplicity.

Primavera (by Oracle) is one of the most popular construction PM software after MS project, although it is reported to be much more complicated.

This is market has a fierce competition, the most important factor for any construction project manager (in my opinion) for choosing a PM software is its simplicity. As a construction project manager, you can't spend most of your time in front of the PC.
answered 11 years ago by anonymous

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