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When is the next version of PMBOK (PMBOK version 5) is coming?

I understand that the PMBOK version 4 was out back in 2008 (if I'm correct), so when is PMBOK version 5 going to be out? The reason for my question is that I felt that even the PMBOK 4 still is not great as a standard for managing software projects, maybe this will be addressed in its next version?
asked 7 years ago by anonymous

3 Answers

The PMBOK Guide is an ANSI standard.  ANSI audits standards developers on a 5 year cycle and I've found most are updated within four years.  PMI, I believe, intends to follow a 4-year cycle.  If the last update was 2008, then the next would be 2012.  Possibly coming soon: and ISO standard PMBOK Guide derivative.  Generally a document must be an ANSI standard before moving on to be an ISO standard.  This will put the PMBOK Guide out as a global standard.
answered 6 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)
In response

PMBOK 4 is not a cake formula or recipe

It is a book of recommendations and information on the best way to manage most projects most of the time. A body of knowledge.

I have had to refer to the content using the book as a basis for each unique project and I am not in IT. Well some of the projects I deal with are but let us not split hairs.

Project managers are meant to manage think apply and use the necessary and think not just follow a recipe. All projects are different and the process gives you the ability to extract and apply what is relevant within the areas to your circumstances and project

You are thinking of PRINCE 2 a methodology.

This is a follow the recipe and maybe this will work in your environment something like a GPS or navigator and not a map.
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
According to PMI, they are currently working the PMBOK fifth edition, you can read about it here: http://www.pmi.org/PMBOK-Guide-and-Standards.aspx (it is in the small box on the top right) and here http://www.pmi.org/PMBOK-Guide-and-Standards/Standards-Current-PMI-Standards-Projects.aspx . Nobody knows what's in it yet.

PMI only mentions so far that the fifth edition will be (among other non-mentioned things) a review and validation of the fourth edition, to see what should be included and what should not, but nobody knows what will be new in the fifth edition yet.
answered 7 years ago by TheProjectManager (2,630 points)

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