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resci matrix

You are working as the senior IT manager for (Sky Teck Inc.), a Matrix organization that provides IT services for Business and individual customers including; Telecommunication, Internet, Mobile Phone services, Teleconference, Videoconference, in addition to IT Solutions for SME’s (Small & Medium Enterprises). Sky Teck Inc. have recently approved to be conducting a new project for the City of Niagara.
The project objective is to utilize novel technologies so as to implement a free high speed WIFI internet services for all major public & touristic areas in the region of Niagara, the Free WIFI high-speed internet service will be provided so as to serve all visitors and residents in the region. The Project will be an excellent opportunity for your Company to maximize success and be introduced for the governmental sector. You will be the Project Manager for the $ 500, 000 Project that should be launched in Niagara region after 6 Months.
In this regards, utilize all Project Management tools & studies to elaborate how you will manage the project to ensure success while maximizing profits
asked 9 months ago by anonymous

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