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what steps to solve problem?

Star-Board Construction (SBC) is the prime contractor
for Gargantuan Project, a large skyscraper
project in downtown Manhattan. SBC is working
directly from drawings received from the architect,
Santaro Associates (SA). Robert Santaro,
owner and chief architect of SA, had designed
similar buildings and viewed this one as similar
to the others. However, one difference between
this building and the others is in its facing, which
consists of very large granite slabs—slabs that are
much larger than traditionally used and larger
than anything with which either SA or SBC has
had prior experience.
Halfway into the project, Kent Star, owner
and project manager for SBC, started to receive
reports from his site superintendent about recurring
problems with window installation. The
windows are factory units, premanufactured
according to SA ’ s specifications. Plans are to
install the granite facing on the building according
to specifications that allow for dimensional variations
in the window units. The architect provided
the specification that the tolerance for each window
space should be 1/2 inch (that is, the window
space between granite slabs could vary as
much as 1/4 inch larger or smaller than the specified
value). This created a problem for the construction
crew, which found the granite slabs too
big to install with such precision. As a result, the
spacing between slabs is often too small, making
it difficult or impossible to install window units.
Most of the 2,000 window units for the building
have already been manufactured so it is too late
to change their specifications, and most of the
granite slabs have been hung on the building.
The only recourse for making window units
fit into tight spaces would be to grind away or
reinstall the granite. It is going to be very expensive
and will certainly delay completion of the

What steps or actions should the architect
and contractor have taken before committing
to the specifications on the window units
and spacing between granite slabs that would
have reduced or eliminated this problem?
asked 3 years ago by anonymous

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