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What do companies charge for IT project management time?

We are starting a PMO and trying to decide what we will charge our customers for IT P.M. time.  What are other companies charging?  What is average/competitive?
asked 5 years ago by anonymous edited 5 years ago by FastProjectManager

1 Answer

There are several ways to charge for project management time:

- As a percentage: Which ranges from 10% to 15% of the total cost of the project.
- On an hourly basis: The more the project manager does, the more you charge. The client needs to be aware of this first.

The most common form though is to charge hourly but to ensure that the project management hours charged are between 10% to 15% of the total cost.

Note: Some companies don't even list project management in their invoices, but they implicitly include it in the total cost.
answered 5 years ago by FastProjectManager (10,100 points)

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