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What is the competitive advantage of project management?

Can someone explain to me the competitive advantage of project management for:

- The individual (who will become the project manager)
- The company implementing project management
- The employees working under a project manager
asked 6 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

- The competitive advantage for the individual who's going to become a project manager is that he'll gain experience in one of the hottest, funnest, and most challenging professions in the world. Project management is in demand and project managers anywhere can find a job very easily anywhere that they want (with the exception, of course, for areas that are hit by a recession - in this case the project manager can find a job elsewhere.)

- The competitive advantage for the company itself is that 1) it'll look more professional, 2) it'll have more control over its projects, and 3) its projects will finish faster and at a lesser cost. In fact, companies who are still not using PM are seeing themselves falling behind to competition.

- The competitive advantages of the employees that are working under a PM is that they are, without knowing, accumulating project management experience which allows them to go the project manager career path, should they choose to do so. Additionally, employees working under a PM are more "hot" for companies looking for candidates in their (the employees') expertise because projectized companies want more resources who are familiar with a projectized environment.
answered 6 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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