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What does a project manager need to be know?

What kind of information does the project manager need to know in order to start the project. I know that the project manager needs to have the following information:

- The requirements of the project
- The competence of the team (their skills, etc...)
- The technology to use
- The budget for the project

What else?
asked 7 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

In addition to them things you mentioned, let me offer this.  A PM should know and understand ( there's a difference between these that's critical), not only the  "What", or the customer requirements, but also the "Why", or their motivation to initiate the project in the first place.  This will give the PM insight into latent scope or constraints that may emerge later.  I'd also add that the PM needs to know what metrics/criteria the customer is using to measure project performance, and then make sure that the Project team is using the same metrics/criteria.  If you're not measuring or perceiving your performance the same way the customer is, that's a customer relationship disaster just waiting to happen.
answered 7 years ago by dsmcalis (1,570 points)

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