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Why are organizational skills so important for the project manager?

I want to be a project manager but I have near zero organizational skills, and I'm told that organizational skills are very important for project managers? Why is that? I do have outstanding leadership skills, conflict management skills, but I'm not that good when it comes to organizing. Do I still have a chance as a project manager?
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Well, you can't be a project manager if you have zero organizational skills. You're managing a project (projects can have a budget of millions of dollars), how can you do that without organization skills.

You need organization skills because:

- You have to instantly find the information that you (or your stakeholders) need
- You have to project an image of professionalism
- You need to maintain all your project information up to date. Imagine this scenario, someone walks in and tells you he finished a task, but there are some issues that he faced, and he drops a paper on your desk listing all the issues. Now because you're not organized, you forget about the paper (you probably trash it), and, in the next status meeting, another team member affected by these issues bring up the subject... It's a very typical situation.
- Everyone else is disorganized. Your team members (and your stakeholders, to a certain extent) are disorganized. What will happen to the project if you're disorganized as well?

The list is endless on why organizational skills are important in project management, and I advise you to stay clear if you are disorganized, not only for the sake of your organization, but for your sake as well.
answered 8 years ago by LonelyProjectManager (4,420 points)

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