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What should I include in a change log?

What should be included in the change log? Should the change log be exhaustive (containing the full information) or not? A change log template (that is proven) would be very helpful. I'm currently using my own, handmade template, and I don't really trust it!
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Then change log is an Excel sheet with the following items in the header (this is all you need, and the below, in my opinion, is quite exhaustive):

- Change Request ID: The ID of the change request ID, incremental, starts with 1
- Change Request Description: A description of the change request explaining what it's all about
- Requester: The name of the person who requested the change
- Impact on the Project: What will be the impact of the change request on the project schedule and how will it affect the deliverables.
- Person responsible: Who is (are) the person(s) responsible for processing this change request.
- Status: What is the status of the change request (pending/processing/completed)
- Change Request Date: When was the change request placed?
- Finish Date: When was the change request finished?

An example row in the change log would be:

- 5 (the ID of the change request)
 Adding a search form to the transactions report (The description of the change)
- John D. (The name of the requester)
- Will delay the project by 2 days (Impact on the project)
- Melinda S. (person responsible for the change request)
- 5/2/2011 (Change request date month/day/year)
- 5/6/2011 (finish date)
answered 8 years ago by anonymous

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