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I'm in BPO industry, in IT Asset Management Dept, already have CSAM, CHAMP, and ITIL v3 Foundation, should I go for a PMP ?

I'm in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry, in IT Asset Management department. I already have CSAM (Cyber Security Assessment and Management), CHAMP (Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional), and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) v3 Foundation, should i go for a PMP ?

Let me tell you what we do in my department (so as to help you give me an answer): The IT Asset management maintains the IT assets for their entire life cycle, and thus helps management to control IT expenditure, software license compliance, hardware purchase/refresh/disposal, etc...

I am bit confused on deciding whether PMP suitable for me, kindly help...
asked 7 years ago by anonymous edited 7 years ago by MaplePM

1 Answer

Well, I think your question is in 2 parts:

1- Am I eligible for the PMP?
2- Is the PMP good for me?

To answer the first question, it might be that you're eligible for the PMP, provided that the activities that you're doing are mainly done as projects. You will need at least 4,500 hours of diversified project management experience. Do you have them?

To answer your second question, the PMP will be definitely an asset for you as it can propel you into an IT Project Manager position, where you will most likely make much more than what you're making at this moment.

You haven't mentioned what your position is in the company...
answered 7 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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