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What are the criteria to assess the health of an IT project?

I have been assigned to assess the health of my IT project (which is something I'm not sure is a good idea, as I'm the project manager, and I cannot be objective in my report). Besides the usual on time, on scope, on budget criteria, are there other things that I should include my report while assessing the project health? Risks? Issues? Etc...
asked 9 years ago by anonymous
Also are there any templates to assess the project health?
9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

While reporting project health, you should first include a short brief on the overall project health , followed by milestones and then issues.
For overall project health, you can include:
•The project's name
•The project identification number
•The overall project health (red yellow green
•The % complete you expected to be at today
•The % complete you are actually at.
•The number of days behind or ahead against the plan.
•The number of critical issues you face - ( ie. If the problem is stopping the project from moving forward & responsible for endangering the delivery date)
•The number of "normal issues" you face.

Then, you can include which milestones are complete, which ones are in progress, and which ones are coming up next.

The final portion of your status report can be used to list the major issues your project faces, which may include-
•Issue number
•Issue name: this should be very descriptive and brief.
•Date and time reported
•Priority or severity of the issue
•Assigned To: the name of the person who currently owns driving this issue forward.
•Expected Resolution date
•What is currently being done to resolve this issue?
answered 9 years ago by dimple (2,920 points)

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