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How do I retake my PMP exam when I failed it?

Although I studied for 2 months non-stop, I failed my first PMP exam. I am very sad, depressed, and demotivated as I depended on my PMP certification to advance my project management career. Naturally, I want to take that exam again. How do I retake the PMP exam? Is there a process in place, or do I just apply again, the same way I did the first time?
asked 4 years ago by anonymous

2 Answers

Another thought...
The PMBOK is not a "how to manage a project" book, which trips people up.  If you struggled with the first exam, you might consider getting a companion book, like Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep.  It puts a personality into the PMBOK.  If you haven't already taken a cert prep class, I strongly encourage you to do so.  Many experienced project managers fail because they don't see it the PMBOK way, and after you swallow your pride you realize that seeing it the PMBOK way is very good.  Lastly, you might form or join a study group and just go over each chapter in an informal mode, quizzing and talking with fellow PMP candidates.

Best of luck
answered 3 years ago by anonymous
Go to PMI.org.  Read the PMP Handbook.  You don't have to be a member to view the PDF.  I am wondering how you took your first exam not knowing that there is a process in place to retake just in case you fail.  How did  you apply for the exam and not learn of the retake concept?  Btw, I am being obnoxious, smart butt :) Lighten up and good luck... I am sure you'll do well next time. Remember, there are plenty of applicants who are not successful the first time.  Sometimes failure can teach more than you know.   

To answer your question, you have 3 tries within the 12 months from when you got your approval to take the exam.  You would have to pay $275 to retake.
answered 4 years ago by anonymous

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