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How to delegate project management tasks?

I would like to know how can I (I'm a project manager) delegate my project management tasks, such as the scheduling, the monitoring of the tasks, and the reporting, as I'm now swamped with work. To whom should I delegate my PM tasks to? Should I pick a team member or should I hire an assistant?
asked 7 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

The same way you delegate any task, you just give the task to someone who you think can do it, and can do it the right way.

However, keep the following things in mind:

- Don't delegate tasks that are about communicating with the stakeholders/sponsor/client.

- Don't delegate critical tasks.

- If you delegate reporting, then only delegate the creation of the report. Communicating the report should never be delegated.

- Always monitor your delegated tasks, but ensure you don't spend more time monitoring the delegated tasks than actually doing them.

- Always read the delegated reports/documents before you forward them to other people.

- Never delegate authority, your team members won't like it, and eventually you won't like it.

- You cannot delegate responsibility. The person you delegate the tasks to is not responsible for any of them, you are the one responsible, and no, you can't use him as a scapegoat.

Usually you should pick someone with some organization (and maybe leadership) skills to delegate the tasks to. Hiring an assistant is even a better idea, if your company can afford it.
answered 7 years ago by anonymous

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