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What is the difference between change control and change management?

Most resources are vague when it comes to the difference between change control and change management (some even claim they are the same, while I'm sure they're not).

So my question is, what is (are) the difference(s) between change control and change management?
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Change Control is a formal process used to ensure that changes to a product or system are introduced in a controlled and coordinated manner like maintaining release versions , documentation , using a version control system etc

Change Management encompasses the set of processes in place from initiation of a request for change ,analysing impact of the change , approving/rejecting the request , implementing and evaluating the result of the change.

In a larger perspective at the organizational level, it would mean  instilling new values, norms, and behaviors , overcoming resistance to change,  building consensus among customers and stakeholders on specific changes etc
answered 9 years ago by dimple (2,920 points)
I see this slightly different...
if change is considered as a RISK then CHANGE CONTROL is a strategy to minimize the impact of the risk. Change management is a mitigation step in the change control process. This change management involves a lot of steps like change management plan around people, process and technology aspects.
8 years ago by anonymous

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