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What are the roles and responsibilities of the construction project manager?

I am an architect who is planning to shift into stream of Project Management. Can someone provide me a general designations/hierarchy followed in Construction Industry of Project Management,With roles and responsibilities being explained.

Can someone provide me the exhaustive info on this, so that i can make a right career choice?
asked 7 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

I would sincerely investigate in the Universities that offer Project management. They will sit you down and explain every question under the sun to you. It its tool lenghtly to describe. Would not answer all your question anyway! My question to you, is why do you want to go into project management and leave the Architect world. This is a very demanding discipline and not for the timid. You must be making decisions and at times not be the most popular person in the room. I wish you luck, but please take my advice and invest in your self!!!
answered 7 years ago by anonymous

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